Smart50 Awards 2021: Setec BMPRO


GROWTH: 31.8%
FOUNDER: Louise Bayliss (48)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, transport and logistics

How it started

BMPRO was a brand founded by long-running business Setec to take a slice of the growing caravanning market, with its products covering power, gas, tyre pressure, water, and its specialty batteries and chargers. This includes smart battery monitoring systems that make use of Bluetooth and wifi.

After significant growth, the once-offshoot of Setec merged with the business in January to become Setec BMPRO.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, BMPRO products are now available on the leading brands of Australian caravans, as well as in American RVs.


Since the pandemic hit, caravans and RVs have exploded in popularity. With international travel at an all-time low, an increasing number of people are now choosing off-the-grid travel in their own backyards. 

In particular, there has been a rise in Millennials choosing to buy an RV more than any other demographic positively affecting sales and rental numbers globally.     

BMPRO has been riding that wave by supplying smart power systems to brands and end-users around the world. 

Where to next?

The business is laser-focused on growth over the next 12 months by elevating BMPRO’s presence domestically, and in the US, as a leader in smart RV systems and battery management technology.

What the business is selling to end-users is the ability to get outdoors, and finally have an escape from cities and lockdowns a desire most people can relate to.