Vivi International

REVENUE: $6.2 million
GROWTH: 178.2%
FOUNDER: Lior Rauchberger (47)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Education and training

How it started

In 2013, Dr Lior Rauchberger was asked for a recommendation for a quality wireless presentation solution that was compatible across all devices and platforms. Mulling it over, he realised there was nothing on the market that fit the bill while also ticking the boxes of being affordable and reliable.

So he set out to fill the gap, building something the average school or university could afford. In 2015 Rauchberger founded Vivi International, officially launching the Vivi wireless presentation tool in February 2016. 

The product enables teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture and save information in real time — from any application or device in the classroom.


With a laser focus on education, eschewing the adjacent corporate market, Vivi has grown by nailing the needs of its user base.

There’s nothing stopping you from adding to your portfolio or product down the track, but you’ll never gain those opportunities without nailing one thing first,” a spokesperson from Vivi International told SmartCompany.

Despite a challenging year for onboarding new customers, as in-person learning across schools and universities was severely disrupted by the pandemic, the business has still been growing fast, increasing revenue from $3.4 million in the 2019-20 financial year to $6.2 million for 2020-21.

Where to next?

Vivi is currently finalising a Series B capital raise with a strategic US edtech investor, eyeing off the more than 130,000 schools in the US. It has already hired 15 staff in the States and plans to add more.

Now the business is working towards a goal to be in over 1 million classrooms, with an ARR of over $100 million within five years. Then the team will make a decision on its next move, whether that’s going public, selling to a larger company or continuing its growth path.