Smart50 Awards: King Kong

King Kong

REVENUE: $22.28 million
GROWTH: 79.28%
FOUNDER: Sabri Suby (36)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Marketing and communications

How it started

Sabri Suby had already started multiple businesses when launching King Kong from his bedroom armed with $50 and a laptop. 

Focusing on business results over impressions and click through rates, he was sure that King Kong’s offer sufficiently stood out in the market.

It took four days of endless cold-calling businesses that weren’t on Google’s first page before landing his first client.


Since being founded in 2014, King Kong has consistently broken records and won awards for its growth. That included placing in the top 10 of the Smart50 awards in 2018 after achieving a growth rate of 314% and $7.5 million in revenue, four years after starting the business.

Since that win, King Kong’s revenue has more than doubled, reaching $22.28 million in the last financial year.

“We have been the number one fastest growing digital marketing agency, as ranked by the AFR for three years running,” Suby adds. 

In keeping with the rapid growth theme, King Kong has rolled out globally into four international markets the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Where to next? 

Suby says the company plans to scale out the King Kong offering into each of the four international markets, maintaining the rapid growth and results-based service offering that the company is renowned for.

In his words: “The goal is phenomenal, eye-watering, global growth.”