Smart50 Retail Champion

Entrants must show innovations in product offer, outstanding customer service, employee care and sales and marketing initiatives.

Award Winner


Smart50 Retail Champion Award winner: Muscle Nation

Since it launched in 2016, Muscle Nation has not only created a successful gym clothing and supplements business. Through its laser focus on customers, it has also built a large and engaged community around the brand.

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Award Shortlistees


Telecommunications retailer Trikon unlocked significant growth by embracing telesales during the pandemic.

The business is now completing three times more sales each day compared to when employees were travelling for face-to-face meetings. Our judges noted Trikon’s capacity to seize the opportunity showed a real commitment to continuous improvement. One judge said the founders achieved great success, despite facing “significant challenges”.


Swimwear retailer Skwosh is a case study in how to use social media for maximum impact. Our judges were impressed with the business’ playful campaigns, with one saying Skwosh showed “how important social media can be when launching a new brand”.

“They’ve expanded their product offering, while also delivering a sustainable competitive edge to their new product technology,” another judge said.


Zoom2u was established after its founder Steve Orenstein missed the same delivery to his home three times. Despite not having a background in logistics, he boldly set about creating a platform to connect businesses and couriers.

One judge was particularly impressed with the founder’s focus on health as well as his leadership style, which they said will “serve him well as the marketplace grows to serve customers”.

Smart Energy

For solar panel and battery retailer Smart Energy, a focus on the environment is just as important as caring for its customers.

Our judges were impressed with the business’ customer-focused initiatives, such as its ‘Customers at the Heart’ offering, which includes access to customer service support seven days a week.

“Retaining this focus will put Smart Energy in a strong position as it expands into the US,” one judge said.

“They are proving to be agile, put their customer front of mind and are strategically focused on growth,” said another.