Smart50 Awards: SustainHealth Recruitment

SustainHealth Recruitment

REVENUE: $5.6 million
GROWTH: 78.57%
FOUNDER: Kay Reynoldson, (35)
INDUSTRY: Human resources

How it started

After five years of working in the health and wellbeing recruitment centre, Kay Renoldson saw a niche need not being met in regional, rural, and remote Australia, and founded SustainHealth Recruitment in 2017 to meet that.

Since then, the business has grown to support metropolitan and CBD sites.


In April 2020, Reynoldson launched an aged care division, quickly seeing the additional staff the sector would need as the pandemic spread. That led to growth of 54% in the second half of the last financial year.

SustainHealth Recruitment was also selected to be part of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force, and delivered more than 150 candidates to sites throughout Australia, working with LGAs across the country.

Where to next?

After the success of its aged care division, the business is set to launch NDIS and allied health support divisions in 2022.

Currently I’m four years into a six-year strategic plan for the business. Although I have been approached to sell the business, I’m not looking to exit,” Reynoldson tells SmartCompany.

“Not least because I’m still enjoying the journey, I’m surrounded by brilliantly talented people and we are working with customers in vulnerable sectors, where we can see the direct impact our work is having on the market.”

In the short term, the business is working towards its ISO 9001 accreditation, which covers quality management across an organisation.