Tangerine Telecom - Ryan Barnard-Marks, Richard Branson, Andrew Branson

Tangerine Telecom

REVENUE: $51.2 million
GROWTH: 1138.9%
FOUNDER: Andrew Branson (36) , Richard Branson (38), Ryan Barnard-Marks (36)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

How it started

The founders behind Tangerine Telecom decided to cut their teeth in business seven years ago, setting up an NBN provider based in Melbourne.

Co-founder Andrew Branson says it was the thirst for “fun and the challenge of growing a business from zero” that motivated the trio to start out.


Since 2014, the business has grown steadily, now employing 100 people and becoming a popular Australian NBN and mobile plan provider.

Tangerine hit a significant milestone earlier this year, when it struck a strategic partnership with the Commonwealth Bank. CBA took a 25% shareholding in the company and now offers its retail customers discounts on Tangerine’s internet plans.

Where to next?

Branson says staying ahead of competition is essential for the business to grow, and he relies on managers and senior staff to come up with fresh ideas.

Going forward, the business plans to continue running its “honeymoon discounts” on all NBN plans in the future. And it’s even gearing up for a business sale in three to five years.