Trikon - Jigar Shah, Hiral Shah


REVENUE: $5.44 million
GROWTH: 92.4%
FOUNDER: Jigar Shah (39), Hiral Shah (37)
INDUSTRY: Information and communication technology

How it started

Jigar Shah was working as a sales leader in a large Australian telco while Hiral Shah was working as a laboratory pathologist when the duo decided to pool their savings together and start Trikon.

Shah said they saw an opportunity to compete against slow and expensive internet service providers by providing low-cost and fast-speed internet.


Trikon now offers business phones, 5G internet, managed printers and surveillance camera systems, alongside web development and search engine and social media optimisation services.

The business achieved average growth of 92.38% between 2018-19 to 2020-21. Shah said it was switching to telesales and Zoom conversations in 2020 that allowed the business to close three times more deals per day by removing travel from the equation.

Trikon also has a unique marketing strategy, collaborating with Big Bash League cricket team the Melbourne Renegades to promote its services by offering fan deals.

Shah said Trikon has developed fantastic deals for Melbourne Renegades fans, which resulted in “significant revenue increase and expanded our presence throughout Australia”. 

Where to next?

Growing at a fast pace, the next goal for Trikon is to list on the ASX, meaning the co-founders have no intention of exiting the company any time soon.

Geographically, Trikon is setting its sights on the Northern Territory, promoting package deals to appeal to entrepreneurs between 20 to 60 years old, while expanding its existing markets across the rest of Australia.

In NSW, that means achieving saturation in the Sydney market before looking to rural communities, before repeating the process in Victoria and Queensland.

Shah said he wants to create website packages that include search engine optimization and social media optimization bundles, providing consumers with additional value.  

“We’ve already launched 5G, and we’ll be concentrating on growing and strengthening the market in order to fully use 5G’s potential,” he said.