Connectors will always win

I’m pretty easy going when it comes to introductions.


If I think I know someone you would get along with or who you can form a mutually beneficial relationship with then the chances are I’ll suggest you get in touch.


Some people like to hoard their connections and use them as leverage. I’m not one of those people.


A good friend of mine runs an advertising agency in Sydney. We’ll often trade ideas, contacts and resources.


I know that when I send him something that he’ll enjoy he’s more likely to send me something great and vice versa. By sharing like this we’re both benefitting.

In technology and some parts of advertising and marketing this is a fairly common thing to do but in other industries it’s the opposite.


People are guarded and keep their ideas to themselves, seeing everyone outside as a competitor. That’s old school thinking and for the most part it’s not relevant these days.


The connectors, people who bring together people and information without bias or intent, are the ones who win here.


They’re the ones who get better every time they share an idea or open up a network to someone new.


There are three key ways you can get better by connecting with other people in your space:


1. Go to networking events.


They’re mostly pretty boring but also fairly low-intensity way to get started.


You’ll get out of the office, hear an inspiring talk and walk away with a dozen business cards for people you would never have met otherwise. Just take it all with a grain of salt.


2. Find people as smart as you


Make friends with them, trade ideas and ways to market things.


If you’re of similar intelligence and similarly hungry for success, you’ll be able to create a fairly reciprocal relationship.


3. Find people smarter than you


Ask them to be your mentor, go to them for advice but be respectful of their time.


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