Eating my own dog food

The best products are those where the founders are the power users.


Some that come to mind are Dennis Crowley with Foursquare, Howard Lindzon with StockTwits, Charlie Cheever with Quora and Jack Dorsey with Twitter.


It’s because founders build products they want to use themselves.


I’m a power user of RoboinvestI eat my own dog food.

With my team, I built Roboinvest because it was something I wanted for myself. Friends at college wanted me to invest their money, but instead I would tell them whenever I made a trade so they could copy me. Roboinvest allows me to do that.


We also solve a problem. Most people who invest online don’t make money, and Roboinvest increases the odds of investing successfully.


I’m currently ranked number one on Roboinvest and I’m putting the challenge out there for anyone to beat me.


Key takeaways:

  • Founders should be the power users of their product.
  • Build a product that you need for yourself.
  • Solve a real problem.
  • Assemble a team that can help execute on your vision.


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