Five reasons why you shouldn’t write off social media

As incredible as it may seem, there are still small business owners sceptical about the benefits of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


If you’re in that category, here are five important reasons why you shouldn’t write off social media:


1. Facebook helps you develop your culture


Facebook is a great tool for communicating with your team and documenting all the fun stuff that goes on.


Photos from the office and social events serve to showcase your culture to people who may like to work with you.


2. YouTube gives you a massive audience


Anyone is now in the position to film, edit and publish their own videos on YouTube. This publicity can translate to real results!


Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson’s “Will It Blend” videos on You Tube have been watched over 190 million times.


Imagine what that would cost him if he were paying a television station for that many eyeballs to view his videos.


The cherry on top is also that only 14% of people trust advertising yet 90% of us trust peer recommendations, so the fact that the Will It Blend videos are usually viewed after they’ve been forwarded to a friend, goes to show how effective his use of YouTube is.


Sales shot up 700% since the videos started and he can charge three times as much as his competition because millions of fans know Blendtec blenders can blend everything besides a crowbar!


3. Twitter connects you with great staff


Many employers and employees turn to Twitter when they’re looking for people or jobs. For a serious networker, Twitter can connect you with the best talent on the market.


Not everyone will be looking for a job right away, but it’s well worth following some talented people in your industry because when they are looking for a new job, you want to be on their radar!


4. LinkedIn is way more credible than a CV


If you’re looking to make a hire, then take a really good look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile.


You can discover mutual connections and get a far more accurate idea of what they can bring to your organisation and whether they’ll fit your culture.


5. A blog helps you become an expert


Writing a blog article every week or every fortnight really helps you articulate your thoughts and also positions you as a thought leader.


Potential clients and staff will see you as a trusted advisor if you get in the habit of regular blogging.


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