Seven quirky signs your employees have officially moved in!

If you ever want to assess your workplace to truly determine whether your staff have one foot in, one foot out, or have both feet in, here is a quick way to check.


Have a look at their workstation or office set up and see how ‘comfortable’ they have made it.


Human nature is to make an environment as comfortable as possible. Comfort is often associated with the home, so how much of the ‘home’ has moved into the workstation?


I, for instance, love framing pictures from staff events, staff poems written, family photos and press coverage achieved.


I even have a framed pair of Bob the Builder underwear titled “Jono the builder, building the foundations for a solid future”, given to me when I left my employment to begin my entrepreneurial journey at 24.


There’s more to the story, but we can save that for another time.


1. Here’s the image: Bob the builder undies




Below are some more current examples of our workplace at Launchtwo People.


2. Everything but the kitchen sink




The office has a full set of dishes from home, spreads, cookies, a rice cooker and basically everything except the pull-out bed.


3. The head of security: Meet Mego!




Bring your pet! Mego sits quietly under the desk all day and receives a couple walks a day. The most placid dog I’ve ever seen.


4. Yiddish classes anyone?




Some words simply can’t be translated, so we have a Yiddish board with plenty of quirky phrases which the whole team have warmed to and are now competent in!


5. Plant – meet May! The label says: “Hi, my name is May!”




Ever named your plant? It’s not just a plant, it’s a plant with a personality. May feels warm and homely and commands respect.


6. Signs and messages creeping up the wall!




Motivational messages, personal goals, gym schedules, work pipelines, and more. It’s not just a pin board; it’s a wall of comfort.


7. Personal goals – Here’s an example of a 10-week fitness regime goal!




At our company we help our staff work towards achieving their personal goals whether that be financial, family or personal.


We have full-colour printed goals in full view for everyone to see and to help keep everyone accountable. Being comfortable to share your goals in public view demonstrates vulnerability and the ability to feel safe and trusting.


So, after seeing these examples, how engaged is your team? Have they unpacked and moved in yet, or are they still unsure?


It’s up to the leader to help ensure that the team “moves in”.


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