Video Interview: Chrissie Charley, Her Voice Heals

Chrissie Charley is not an ordinary business woman and this is no ordinary video interview.


Chrissie’s clearly been gifted with such amazing power, and I love her because she is prepared to share it and use it for the greater good. She is from Sydney, but is currently living in Byron Bay. She is a business woman, a mother of two little ones, and a healer.


The many creative projects she is involved with include Her Voice Heals sound healing and creating Sacred Union Shamanic Retreats in Byron Shire.


Chrissie’s passion lies in the power of human being and discovering and opening up the beautiful energies and capabilities within every living being on this planet. Prepare to be blown away by her positivity, wisdom and her unique, captivating voice.


Welcome to Chrissie Charley’s world!


{qtube vid:=shnNd7Zmj30}


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