Why you should invest in your web strategy like it’s your bank account

One of the many remarkable things about the web is that your content usually stays online forever. If you invest in your web strategy over time, you can build a very valuable asset.

Yes, it can be somewhat terrifying to think that something you say today could come back to haunt you many years down the track, however it gives the ethical business owner an enormous opportunity to propel themselves past the competition.


Your “Web Strategy Bank”

Just think about a good blog article you write today. It will continue to be useful to people who read it in three years time. 

Every interesting article, video, tutorial, eBook, free download, Powerpoint presentation, podcast and story that you publish on the web is like money invested in your “Web Strategy Bank”. And just like a deposit in your business bank account, your web strategy bank earns you interest too.

How do you earn the interest?

Search engines and more importantly human beings love useful, relevant and interesting content – the foundation of a good web strategy. 

Every good article you write will attract retweets, Facebook “likes”, LinkedIn shares and backlinks, which means more people see your article as it’s shared. This in turn improves your Google ranking leading to more search engine traffic and the cycle continues.

This is the “compound interest” effect of remarkable content. The more you invest, the more valuable your web strategy asset becomes.

More content than ever before

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently pointed out that the volume of information produced since the dawn of time up until 2003 is now being produced every 48 hours. There is no way of attracting attention with this volume of information unless people find it truly valuable.

And the good news is that truly valuable, remarkable content is shared between friends. And a recommendation from a friend is five times more trustworthy than a message directly from a marketer.


Going viral is as likely as winning Lotto


Only lotto winners acquire a huge bank account overnight. For everyone else, it takes years of regular and concerted investing. Same goes for what you do on the web. Very few organisations “go viral” and hit the jackpot (especially if that was your intention at the outset.)


However, since your content “compounds” like interest in the bank, over time it will grow and with the right attitude and discipline it will eventually snowball – with momentum of its own!


Remember, the more useful articles, videos, tutorials, eBooks, downloads, new releases, podcasts and stories that you publish, the more people will link to it, which improves your SEO and then more people find it. And the interest compounds!


How does this impact business owners?

Remember it is a marathon not a sprint. Overnight success is rare, but in the long run investing in remarkable content is an unstoppable strategy.


Keep investing and your web strategy bank will become a very valuable asset.


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