You’ve won the B.O.G Award! A bonus gift for you

No matter how old we get, we still love surprises. Even for us tough blokes, I bet even the toughest of us wouldn’t mind an extra few stubbies thrown in to that slab purchase as a bonus gift?


It’s all in the detail. Don’t you love it when you go to a fancy restaurant and the waiter brings out that little extra bonus dish ‘compliments of the chef’, which tastes divine? Ever find yourself saying ‘wow’?


Even at La Porchetta the other night in Elwood (not quite five-star cuisine), after the meal and after you pay the bill, you get the chance to spin the wheel and win a range of prizes whether that be ‘shake the bosses hand’, ‘a glass of water’, through to a ‘free pizza’ or a ‘$25 gift voucher’.


This was a memorable and funny experience and my nephew spun the wheel and we won the $25 voucher, so we will be back. I bet he’s told all his buddies at school.


There’s not a whole lot of ‘wow’ moments going around these days in both B2B and B2C, so this presents as a huge opportunity to those want to be a little creative.


How’s this for an idea which we have recently implemented.


Do you know anyone crazy enough to make their own novelty toilet paper? That person is me. A little whacky maybe but I’m willing to give almost anything a go.


For one of my businesses, which is an online sports retail business, for every purchase we are throwing in a surprise gift and not one you would typically expect. Compliments of the chef, customers will receive their very own limited edition B.O.G (Best on Ground) award for being a Sports Grab customer.


Each metre of toilet roll even has 100 sporting facts sprinkled throughout! It’s even three-ply and I didn’t go all stingy on you – and ‘no’ it doesn’t leave a tattoo mark.


Here are the images:








Now for those readers who would like a sample, please email [email protected] and we will send one to you. Better get in quick before they run out!


We were thinking of making a roll in every AFL team’s colours – not sure the AFL would give us the license for that one, but it would be kind of funny spending money on a toilet roll of your most hated team.


So what’s the point of all this, apart from a bit of fun?


A giveaway, a bonus, a surprise, a talking point, additional value, a bit of humour – all these things add to a customer experience and increase the chance of repeat purchase and word of mouth. If anything, we stand out from others.


Be memorable, be talked about. Stand out from the crowd.


Sure it needs to be cost effective and I did do my numbers, but not on a toilet roll. If you Google ‘novelty toilet paper’, you’ll see they sell for $20 a roll.


What are you offering your clients as a token of thanks?


In B2B sales, there are so many opportunities – be more creative than a bottle of wine, a mug, flowers or a lunch. Get creative and a little whacky.


Clients are screaming out for something extra – a little something can go a long way. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions of anything you have seen or experienced which truly stood out.


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