3D wall panels could be the business

Start-up Idea - 3DWallpanelsAs affordable office space becomes increasingly hard to come by, companies are having to think of innovative ways to get the most bang for their buck.


European firms are no strangers to living and working within small spaces, so it’s no surprise that Dutch-based business 3DWalldecor has developed a range of three-dimensional wall panels, which can be used to decorate any room.


The eco-friendly modular panels are made from bamboo pulp. They’re easy to apply and they can also be painted.


According to 3DWalldecor, their product is suitable for home decoration and business settings such as shops, restaurants and offices.


Three-dimensional wall decoration may not be to everybody’s taste, but it would certainly resonate with small businesses operating in tiny office spaces or homeowners looking to break up a living space or add more privacy.


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