A break-up worth holding onto

Sell My ExIt’s one of those age-old relationship dilemmas: what do you do with your partner’s stuff after you break up with them?


When Sydney’s Prescilla Sagar was on the rocks with her partner, she had an idea. A keen online seller on eBay, she chose to set up a website titled Sellmyex.com.


Launched earlier this year, the site serves as a platform to buy and sell items that have either been left behind by partners or given by them as gifts.


“When my partner and I were struggling, I thought it would be a great, evil little idea to sell some stuff he had left at my place,” Sagar said.


She said one of the motivations for setting up the site was the amount of wasted presents received by Australians each year.


“Last year, I read that six million Australians would receive Christmas gifts they would never use. Imagine how many bad gifts people would receive in relationships,” she said.


While it’s not necessarily an issue one thinks of as a way to make money, does the break-up “market” pose an opportunity for other entrepreneurs to cash in like Sagar has?


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