A great, big opportunity

Start-up idea - Niche obese cycling marketStart-ups should always react to, and ideally be ahead of, changing consumer needs. But changes in the physical size of Australians could also provide inspiration to entrepreneurs.



Australia’s rising obesity rate is helping provide stiff competition to the US for the mantle of the world’s most rotund nation. The Medical Journal of Australia estimates that this costs the economy $21 billion annually.


Obese people may have chubby fingers, but they can still access disposable income from their wallets and could be targeted by a particular niche business.


In the US, a firm called SuperSized Cycles has created a variety of bicycles, electric bikes and tricycles for people who fight a daily war of attrition with their waistbands.


Many standard bikes don’t do well when asked to support weights of more than 110 kilos. SuperSized Cycles can provide carriage for plus-sized people double this weight.


Many adjustments have been made to plane seats, clothing and furniture to cope with long-term changes to the public’s girth. But there are areas where larger people find it hard to access. Why not think of areas, such as home appliances or even sporting equipment, that have been overlooked in our changing society?


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