Adidas runs ahead with product testing

Adidas Runbase‘Try before you buy’ is a phrase often bandied about by retailers, but how many of them actually allow you to trial their products?


Sports brand retailer Adidas has taken the phrase to a whole new level, with one of its stores in Tokyo doubling as an urban running club.


The Adidas Runbase store includes 16 shower cubicles and 248 lockers for rent, in addition to new Adidas shoes and clothing available for testing.


Expert staff are on hand to offer tips and recommendations, providing customers with the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.


For a start-up looking to break into sports retail, this idea could be the perfect niche. Imagine a brand that offers expert tips and product advice as well as enabling customers’ fitness regime with an in-house locker room.


The idea doesn’t have to stop at sporting retailers – businesses in food and fashion are a few others that could break into the market with this clever yet simple selling tactic.


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