An interactive trip down memory lane

Start-up Idea: Photo albumAs any parent will tell you, a child’s first photo album is one of the most very precious possessions they have.


Usually these are kept in a book or on a hard drive, but another option has been opened up with the launch of US site Moment Garden, a service which enables parents to save and share their child’s most important moments.


Each user of Moment Garden is given a custom email address to which stories, photos and other updates can be sent from any web-connected device.


Friends and family can contribute updates and comments as well, making the “garden” of contributed special moments a collaborative effort. Parents then show off the finished product with an interactive timeline and slideshow to whomever they wish to see it.


An easy, cloud-based solution to children’s photos is a fairly simple idea but one that could work in Australia. The idea could be expanded to include other treasured content that can be stored via a web portal.


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