An unheard of idea

UnhearitMost of us have experienced the unpleasantness of having a song stuck in our heads, mentally hearing the lyrics repeated for hours on end.


It’s a predicament for which there has been little cure – until now.


The arrival of Unhearit, a new venture from Washington start-up Liftoff Media, can help to “un-hear” an unwanted song.


Unhearit uses “the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology” to help afflicted consumers get stubborn songs out of their heads.


People suffering from the ailment – known as earworm – can visit the site to hear what Unhearit describes as “equally catchy songs”.


In other words it’s a cleverly disguised free music service, with streaming, download and purchase capabilities. Mobile apps are also available.


Several online and app ventures have sought to build on the love of music, from online playlist to Shazam, which identifies songs from short bursts of music.


What other musical ventures with an added twist could you exploit?


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