Anti-hangover drink takes away the headache

Just in time for the recent New Year’s celebrations, an anti-hangover detox drink recently launched in Australia which claims to be a boozer’s secret weapon.


The 30 millilitre drink, titled Security Feel Better, is spruiked as a “hangover preventer”, which hastens digestion, eliminating toxins and speeding up the metabolism.


The shot-size digestive drink claims to be a pear-flavoured antioxidant liver tonic. Retailer Undoit advises partygoers to down the drink before retiring after a big night out.


“Finally, Australian men and women will be able to have a hangover-free life,” the maker claims.


The detox drink was created more than 15 years ago and is stocked in 24 countries worldwide. In Australia, it’s available from and should be in stores early next year.


A drink that claims to prevent hangovers probably isn’t the best business idea, but it does suggest there is an interest in party-related products and services. Can you think of any others?


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