Apartment-dwellers fly high with “sky garages”

start-up-idea-sky-garageA luxury high-rise development in Singapore is offering ensuite “sky garages”, bringing new meaning to the term “high flyers”.


Residents park their cars in designated lifts that take the vehicles up to the apartments, while they take a separate elevator. But a sky-high car spot doesn’t come cheap.


Apartments with two parking spaces start at $7.1 million, while the penthouse with a double garage will set you back $23 million.


The lifts have been made by German technology, which makes the cars a centerpiece of the homes.


“These buyers are very discerning,” says Leny Suparman, co-founder and chief executive of Kop Properties, which developed the technology.


“They are well exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that is unique and different.”


Of course, discerning apartment-dwellers aren’t limited to Singapore. Given the huge increase in inner-city living in Australia, perhaps there’s an opportunity to introduce a similar concept here.


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