Automatic washing machine for motorcycles and scooters

start-up-idea-bike-spaThere’s an automatic washing machine on the market for motorcycles and scooters, aimed at making businesses “more competitive, innovative, marketable and complete”.


With more than five years of experience, Bike Spa is the leading pioneer in the development of automated and durable solutions for cleaning motorcycles and scooters.


It has designed an innovative product that improves the end-to-end cleaning process of bikes of all kinds and sizes.


“Bike spa’s solution is optimal,” the website says.


“Our washing system sprays water and detergents at a measured pressure to deliver a robust, top quality, time efficient and fully protective cleaning process.”


“In addition, it reduces power and water consumption, minimises washing/labour costs, and the use of our waste water collector prevents unwanted materials.”


As people continue to swap their cars for bicycles, motorcycles and scooters, surely there are other opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into this trend. Can you think of any?


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