Baby steps in innovation

start-up-idea-cuella-bellyItalian company Busetti Garuti Redaelli has designed a baby bassinet called the Culla Belly, which can serve as a regular crib during the day and as an attachment to the parents’ bed at night.


“Culla Belly can be part of a system composed of three elements: the cradle, the bed framework and the nomad framework, but can also be used as a simple cradle for the night,” the site says.


“The cradle has been realised with a double bicolour textile layer.”


“One side can be opened by two zips and allows the fall of the barrier between the child and the mother, creating a single space in which the mother can move easily in case the little one needs her.”


The bed framework is composed of a curved multilayer wood structure that holds the cradle with two planks, which go between the mattress and the net/staves of the bed.


The weight of the mattress and of the mother guarantees the stability of the cradle. There are also strips that wrap the planks with the staves or the net of the bed.


The nomad framework is composed of a wood structure that allows the placement of the cradle during the day. It can be moved to any room thanks to the wheels.


Perhaps there’s an opportunity to design a similar product here. It’s bound to bode well with parents, particularly new mums.


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