Bathtub business stores up a good idea

Keops Evolution - bathroom storageThe lack of bathroom storage space is a constant source of frustration for many families, who find their products are scattered all over the place because there is simply nowhere to put them all.


However, a Spanish company called the Royo Group has come up with a solution, designing a range of bathtubs known as the Keops Evolution series.


Each bathtub features built-in drawers and shelves so no extra space is needed to accommodate the tubs.


“The bathtubs with drawers have a clear advantage in tight spaces. Even when the bathroom is big, the drawers come in handy for bath-related products that you need to keep close while taking a hot, bubbly bath,” writes online magazine Freshhome.


As consumers cram themselves into tinier and tinier living spaces, any design that can create space or comes with storage options always proves popular.


While the bathtub business idea is a good one, why stop there? Surely there are other household facilities or furniture that could be transformed in a similar way.


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