Beat the stress

Start-up ideas - Stress relief for workersPeople who run small businesses are stressed. This isn’t earth-shattering news, but it could provide you with an avenue to your own start-up.



A recent survey by MYOB found that businesses with one to four employees are unhappier with their companies than their larger counterparts and even sole traders.


This shouldn’t put anyone off starting a business – it can be exhilarating and, in some ways, more rewarding than when you become a behemoth. But MYOB points out that many small firms suffer from stress during the start-up phase that can dampen their mood.


Start-up businesses don’t have much money to spare, but a well-targeted service aimed at their main bugbears could prove profitable. Identify the stresses that small firms are under – do they need help with their accounts, business plan or just a shoulder to cry on?


If your speciality doesn’t lie within the main practical areas of starting a business, maybe you can help with the areas of entrepreneurs’ lives that are left behind when they start-up. Dogs need walking, children need looking after and DIY jobs need to be completed while entrepreneurs are clocking up the hours trying to make their business a success.


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