Bedtime laptop desk proves restful idea

start-up-idea-AngaroaFlorida-based business Angaroa has created a portable laptop desk designed for use while in bed.


The ErgoArc features a vented desktop that can be adjusted at various angles, much like a drafting table.


A stopper at the edge keeps the laptop from falling off when it’s turned at a steep angle, so it doesn’t end up falling on the user’s face.


There are add-ons the user can attach to the sides including a cup holder and a mouse pad. The desk is made from maple plywood.


“With the introduction of laptop and notebook computers, and wireless internet, it is a common practice to utilise a laptop or notebook computer in a variety of different environments,” the ErgoArc website says.


“Although there are many products used to support a laptop, they are not as portable and, for their purpose, too complex in structure and use.”


“The ErgoArc provides a support for a laptop with an easy way to change the angle of the desktop.”


This product is sure to be a hit among home-based businesspeople. How else might you help them do their job from the comfort of their home or, in this case, their bed?


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