Block off your holidays

The Taskmaster: Plan your holiday breaksI know, I know. You’ve just come back from a break, you’re all excited about the year ahead, you’re itching to turbo charge your growth.


Holidays, quite frankly, are the last thing on your mind right now.


That’s fair enough, but this year is one where together we are going to studiously avoid burnout and be mentally fresh at all times. And that means scheduling breaks to keep the batteries recharged.


Doing this early in the year is a great idea. It lets everyone in your team know what your schedule looks like, and allows them to plan for your absences. It means you can make sure your breaks don’t clash with any major events. And it also gives you something to look forward to when work gets a bit much.


If you don’t like the idea of blocking off a big chunk of time for holidays, a good tactic can be to take a series of mini-breaks – three or four-day weekends that let you keep recharging through the year.


And remember – this isn’t slacking off, it’s important planning for your business and your health.


Get it done – today!


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