Boyfriend pillow comforts singles

start-up-idea-boyfriend-pillowWho needs a man when you can have a machine-washable substitute? The blue Boyfriend pillow is shaped to resemble one arm and one half of a shirted chest.


American manufacturer Deluxe Comfort says the pillow is designed for “singles who desire to feel the touch of a man without actually having to be with one”.


It’s also ideal for people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence, the company says.


It can be used as a prop-up, a neck roll or to wrap around the body, simulating a lover’s embrace.


The memory-foam pillow is designed to “pad the curves of your body” with its tubby paunch, and comes dressed in a removable microfibre shirt for easy cleaning.


A Girlfriend pillow in pink is also available.


A pillow designed to make people feel less lonely is a bit bizarre, but perhaps there are other ways you can make singles and lonely partners more comfortable, such as security measures.


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