Bra with built-in ice cubes “super cool”

start-up-idea-ice-cubeA Japanese underwear company has created a bra with built-in ice packs to help keep women cool in the summertime.


Launched by Triumph Japan, the cups of the “Super Cool Bra” are filled with a gel that remains soft and supple even when frozen, giving the wearer “a cool sensation against her skin”.


The gel pads should be placed in the freezer for up to two hours before inserting into the cup area.


Both bra cups have been designed to look like fishbowls, with the blue gel pads slipped behind a fish and seaweed pattern.


If the cooling pads don’t work their magic, wearers can also make use of a miniature bamboo ladle or a miniature hand fan, which are attached at the side of the garment.

The bra also comes with a traditional Japanese wind chime and a sprig of mint in a bid to add a “refreshing fragrance and sound”.


As women’s fashion becomes more outlandish, underwear included, perhaps there is a market for novelty products of this nature. For example, they could prove popular at bachelorette parties.


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