Branch out in an eco-friendly fashion wood watchesIt seems fashion is branching into nature – literally – with sunglasses and watches made of wood emerging as the latest trends in eco-luxury.


Man-style watches by WeWood have been made popular by celebrities while the timber trend has also been led by Shwood, with a range of handcrafted specs.


They’re sold Down Under by sustainable fashion company Branched, which says its wood is 100% sustainable.


Branched was created in Melbourne by two friends who had an interest in fashion and sustainability. The business is designed to bring the two together, introducing “exclusive sustainable style” from across the globe into the Australian market.


According to creative director Krystal Ting, the accessories are based on high fashion styles, shapes, and colours to ensure they’re on trend.


Surely there are opportunities for other eco-conscious entrepreneurs to create demand in a niche market. If not in luxury fashion, why not in something like kitchenwear?


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