Car airbags go outdoors

start-up-idea-iprotect-youAn electric three-wheel car has turned conventional wisdom about airbags on its head by having shock-absorbing cushions on the outside.


The Japanese-designed iSAVE YOU car promises to be the safest ever eco-vehicle. The golf cart-like vehicle is covered in airbag-like cushions that spring back after impact.


Researchers from the University of Hiroshima formed a company called Humanix to sell their creation.


“The car will be perfect for our rapidly ageing society, and there are already many requests for it from the elderly and disabled,” the Humanix president says.


The iSAVE YOU can run up to 30 kilometres on a single charge and can be recharged from any regular household electrical outlet.


The fact that it has already attracted requests from elderly and disabled people suggests there is an unmet demand for this sort of vehicle. Perhaps it’s worth looking into.


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