Cardboard queen creates $19,000 bracelet

start-up-idea-cardboard-braceletWould you pay $19,000 for a cardboard bracelet? Californian jewellery designer Keariene Muizz hopes so. Muizz has created a one-off cuff out of salvaged industrial cardboard.


Muizz says the piece is “more or less a work of art” and will appeal to those who want to save the planet but embrace luxury.


The upcycler has also created jewellery out of old denim and oil painting scraps. According to Muizz’s Etsy profile, cardboard and cigar boxes are among her favourite materials to work with.


“I aspire to present jewelry that is a functional form of wearable art,” she says.


“When my sister… was sent to Afghanistan, I wanted her to have a piece of home, a piece of me, and remember the many ways she inspires me.”


“Since I don’t make reproductions of my art and couldn’t create a poster for her, I decided to make a bracelet containing images.”


Paying $19,000 for a bracelet is a big ask, so we’re not suggesting you follow in Muizz’s footsteps in that regard. But her love of wearable art is easy to understand.


If you’ve got a talent for design or simply love jewellery, why not launch your own line of one-off pieces?


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