Cartridge refills offer a cleaner solution

Start-up Idea - Eco-friendly CleaningManufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the amount of packaging used for their products. For example, some offer concentrated formulas while others sell refills in bags instead of containers.


A Canadian start-up has come up with the particularly clever concept of refilling cleaning product cartridges with tap water.


Developed by Planet People, the iQ line of household cleaning products features small cartridges of plant-based concentrate.


Consumers fill a spray bottle with ordinary tap water and pop in a cartridge. The coloured concentrate mixes with the water, creating a full bottle of cleaner.


iQ comes in four varieties – glass, bathroom, floor and an all-purpose product – all of which are made with eco-friendly ingredients.


In addition to reducing packaging and plastic waste, the concept cuts down on transportation, and reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, as consumers refill their cartridges without having to leave the house.


The products are currently only available from natural food stores in Canada and the United States. Therein lies an opportunity to develop similar products for Australian consumers, particularly cleaning companies looking to go greener.


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