Charge your phone in the great outdoors

start-up-idea-fireFinally there’s a solution for all those camping trips where not having a mobile phone is unthinkable – a wood-fired stove that also recharges your phone.


The CampStove can burn sticks, pine cones and biomass to generate enough heat and power to charge a phone, light, satnav or gadget that is USB chargeable.


BioLite’s invention converts heat from the fire to power a fan and produce an electric charge. The US company says the stove can cook while charging a device.


“We spent years developing the technology to offer a unique benefit to outdoor travellers to never have to carry fuel again,” chief executive Jonathan Cedar says.


“Surplus electricity can be used to charge small electronic devices, making it a true on-demand energy source.”


“The CampStove is a convenient and green choice, reducing an individual’s carbon footprint and keeping fuel canisters out of landfills by using twigs and other solid biomass instead of non-renewable petroleum gas.”


Perhaps you can draw inspiration from the CampStove creation and offer consumers other green, convenient choices?


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