Chirp app looks to make some noise in the market

start-up-idea-chirpAn app that transmits data via a burst of “digital birdsong” can simplify the way users share images and files between devices, according to developers.


The Chirp app plays a two-second noise that sounds like a robotic bird. When heard by other devices such as smartphones, it triggers a download of pictures, website links or text messages.


Chirp can send data to multiple devices at once, without them needing to be paired or have a wireless connection.


Even “dumphones” could record the sound for retrieving on another device later. It is linked to a “blacklist” service to prevent users transmitting links to illegal content.


The software was developed by Animal Systems, a spin-off business from University College London. It is free to use, but companies will be charged a fee for add-on services.


“We are pretty sure this is unique,” says chief executive Patrick Bergel.


The Chirp app highlights the demand for content-sharing services, so perhaps there’s an opportunity to develop something similar.


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