Cigarette lighter sings sad note

start-up-idea-lighterAn Indian cigarette lighter – which sings a death chant when users light up – might sound a bit extreme, but it’s proving to be an effective way to deter smokers.


In a stunt by the Cancer Patients Aid Association, the lighter blares out a Hindu funeral anthem when the button is pressed.


According to the CPAA, nearly all smokers walk off rather than light up after hearing the tune, which is usually sung when someone has died.


Some shocked smokers are so put off by the bluntness of the chant that they throw their cigarettes away, the CPAA says.


Although such tricks could not be pulled off outside of India – because cigarettes have to be sold in sealed packs and vendors do not carry lighters – it does suggest that a verbal message could work better than written warnings or pictures.


Why not take inspiration from the CPAA and find new ways to deter Westerners from smoking?


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