Cinema start-up proves very entertaining

Sol CinemaAs home theatre numbers continue to rise cinemas are faced with the challenge of luring people to the silver screen instead of staying at home.


The latest attempt to lure people away from TVs is a mobile cinema using a retro caravan and some nifty technology.


The Sol Cinema seats eight adults in quirky surrounds, featuring two tiers of plush seating and an LED projector. An usher sells tickets and shows the audience to their seats.


The operation is powered by a 120W solar panel and lithium batteries.


The cinema is available to organisations in the UK wishing to showcase short films in their local community and has already toured a number of music and arts festivals.


Combining an intimate auditorium with local content and an eco-twist seems to be a winning formula.


The Sol Cinema concept would be highly popular here, particularly among children and for special events including family outings, parties and dates.


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