Classic Specs’ clear business vision

Classic SpecsConsumers often lament over the astronomical prices they pay for eyewear, but a Brooklyn-based business has come up with a solution.


Classic Specs offers prescription glasses for less than $90. It also operates on a try-before-you-buy model, so prospective customers can order up to three pairs of frames to sample in their home before making a purchase.


If the eyewear needs to be adjusted after being purchased, Classic Specs will reimburse the fee charged by a local optical shop.


The company says it can afford to charge such low prices, and throw in all the other services, because all of its frames are produced in house, cutting out the middle man.


The reason you pay astronomical prices for eyewear is because most designers don’t make their own eyewear,” the company says.


“They instead sell their rights to corporations that design, manufacture, market, and distribute the glasses. They have an oligopoly and control pricing any way they want. Traditional models are also subject to expenses that our direct model avoids.”


Unlike its competitors, Classic Specs employs an optical lab to do all the lens work.


“Since we don’t spend millions on advertising or have expensive retail operations, we pass the savings on to you.”


If you’re looking for a way to standout in the retail market, maybe a model similar to that of Classic Specs could be the way to go.


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