Coffee-leaf tea offers best of both worlds

start-up-idea-coffeeResearchers claim they have discovered the ultimate brew – a tea made from coffee leaves that is healthier than both of the popular drinks.


The coffee-leaf tea, which is said to have an “earthy” taste that is less bitter than tea and not as strong as coffee, boasts high levels of compounds that lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, experts say.


It also carries far less caffeine than traditional tea or coffee, and contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves were analysed by British and French teams.


They believe the drink – from the leaves of the coffee plant – has been overlooked because of the preoccupation with the plant’s seeds, coffee beans, which aren’t as healthy.


But after analysing 23 species of coffee plant and finding many health benefits, the researchers now hope the coffee tea could rival the well-established types of coffee and tea available now.


Does this suggest there are opportunities for entrepreneurs?


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