Coffin alarm system wards off robbers

Coffin alarmAn Italian luxury funeral accessories company has devised an alarm system for coffins and urns, designed to alert police to would-be grave-robbers.


The MIKE system – an acronym for Monitoring Infringement Ksolutions Equipment – works by “registering any theft attempts by checking vibrations”.


“The monitoring will be carried out by call centres in the crematoriums or in funeral homes,” says Paolo Imeri, head of Art Funeral Italy, based in the town of Caravaggio.


The company also offers LED-lit gravestones, which Imeri says are popular among wealthier clients, in addition to gravestones fitted with digital photo frames and video screens.


Imeri says illuminated gravestones are a “great deal” because clients can save on marble, engraving and candle costs.


While the idea of a coffin alarm system sounds a bit ridiculous, the funeral industry is certainly undergoing major changes as families look for new ways to honour loved ones.


Perhaps there’s an opportunity for the right entrepreneur to tap into the market with a unique offering of their own.


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