Coffin therapy a dead-set brilliant business

start-up-idea-coffinA Ukrainian entrepreneur has opened a “coffin therapy” business, offering people the chance to relax by lying inside a casket.


Stephan Piryanyk has set up several coffins around his office and customers are offered a 15-minute therapy session where they can lie in the empty caskets.


Piryanyk told Reuters his creative relationship with coffins began as a child.


“At one time our parents, as a rule, kept a coffin in the attic. Then our grandma – who didn’t have an attic – came to us because she lived in an apartment,” he says.


“She asked us to make something that she could put in her apartment. So we decided to make her a coffin couch. You lay down [on it] in the evening and slowly get used to eternity.”


The notion of coffin therapy might sound a bit disconcerting, but it does highlight the need for people to “wind down” on their way home from work.


Perhaps you could set up a retreat-style venue, where people can spend 15 minutes of their day relaxing in peaceful surrounds?


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