Compartmentalising: A key for time management

feature-work-life-thumbWhether you’re a successful entrepreneur, high-level executive or an ambitious go-getter working your way up the ladder, the reality is the more you take on, the more there is to get done – in the same amount of hours each day.


This challenge is particularly acute if you’re a solo operator, juggling the pressures of running a business and need for family time without a large team of staff to lean upon.


The fast paced 24/7 world we share with WiFi, smartphones, laptops and apps mean we’re always contactable and accessible.


This accessibility is what helps us add value to our clients but many of us will agree it can also be a major distraction.


So, until cloning is invented, how should you handle the reality of more work in the same amount of time?


My number one tip is: Compartmentalise.


An essential skill


Compartmentalising is giving what you’re doing your undivided and deeply focused attention for the minimum time required to get the most effective outcome, irrespective of the time of day or the location you’re operating from.


Adopt a “deep dive” focus for every task, get the job done, emerge and then refocus to the next task even if it’s diametrically opposed to what you’ve been doing.


This way you can focus on what you are doing and get it done and move immediately, without wasting time, to refocus on something else.


Seem selfish? Perhaps.


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