Controlling a toy helicopter? It’s all in your head

start-up-idea-toy-helicopterYour brain is what guides a toy helicopter in the latest remote-control advance.


San Francisco-based Puzzlebox has launched a Kickstarter project to fund its Orbit helicopter, which flies in a predetermined path when the user focuses and concentrates.


But its makers plan to release all documentation of their work for anybody to apply their brains to, making it an open source and open hardware project.


The toy is connected to a headset that measures brain activity, which could have mental focus training applications.


“Our overall goal is to explore an open approach to brain-computer interface technology,” Puzzlebox says on the Kickstarter website.


“Advances at the cutting edge are waiting to find their way to the public and this project is our latest contribution.”


“If our funding is successful, all material including source code, hardware schematics and documentation will be freely distributed.”


If Puzzlebox can produce a brain-controlled helicopter, perhaps other toys and devices can also be controlled by the brain?


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