Cooking app asks Is It Ready Yet?

Is It Ready Yet? cooking appPeople no longer need to ask themselves whether dinner is ready to serve, with the launch of a cooking app called Is It Ready Yet?


The app allows users to quickly look up oven roasting times for meat and poultry, with the current list including beef, pork, chicken, duck and turkey.


Users select their cut of meat and the weight, and they’ll see suggested oven temperatures and cooking times. From there, they can start their cooking time with one simple click.


The app was created by independent developer Ryan Guynn, based in the United States, who was inspired by his own cooking experiences.


“I know that we can dig through cookbooks or go browsing to find the required information, but doing those kinds of things every time we want to cook something is definitely not fun,” he says.


“It It Ready Yet? That is a popular question we often heard in the middle of cooking time… I decided to develop an app that can help our cooking experience to become simpler.”


As consumers attempt to squeeze more tasks into their day, any application that can simplify cooking is bound to be a winner. Can you think of any other ideas to make cooking even easier?


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