“Cougar movement” lends itself to new ventures

Cougar MovementThe phenomenon of older women dating younger men has been embodied by the likes of Demi Moore and Joan Collins, who are happily married to men many years their junior.


But for those entrepreneurs who can get past the cradle-snatcher jokes, the “cougar movement” represents a new wave of opportunity, particularly for savvy marketers.


According to Christine Lethtonen, of US marketing firm Asterix Group, there are more women in the US aged 51 than any other single age.


Lethtonen asks: “Can you imagine what would happen if all of these women were marketed to?”


As marketers in the US start to respond to this growing group of financially and emotionally independent women, entrepreneurs in Australia have an opportunity to do the same.


Rather than ostrasize these women for their fun-loving lifestyle, why not cater for it in the form of travel agencies, love coaches and marketing firms?


Tailored offerings, which tap into the concept of girls’ night outs or matchmaking, could represent a new frontier in terms of entrepreneurialism.


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