Couture-quality fashion for disabled women

start-up-idea-xeniXeni is a fashion label that makes couture-quality clothing for women who use wheelchairs, and clothing and jewellery for women who have difficulty with clasps, buttons and zips.


Instead of buttons and zips, Xeni uses magnetic fastenings to fasten clothes without hand intervention.


A significant aspect of Xeni’s design is how to respond to the situation of being unable to stand.


This has resulted in designs for tunics, dresses, jackets and coats with a cut-up back so that they do not go under the seat. This allows the garments to be put on by a seated person independently.


This aspect of design is particularly relevant for coats, which are frequently put on and taken off. It also ensures an elegant outline whilst coping with the requirements of prosthetics.


It’s incredibly important for disabled people to not only feel comfortable but confident in the clothes they’re wearing, and Xeni is a perfect example of a retailer that does this well.


If you’re interested in fashion, why not design a similar line for men or even children?


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