Create a multimedia “eWill” with PassedOn

Astart-up-idea-rip platform called PassedOn encourages people to create an “emotional will”, also referred to as an eWill, which allows them to leave behind messages for loved ones.


“Every one of us has a certain idea of how he or she would like to be remembered… We all have important wishes and thoughts to leave for our loved ones,” the website says.


“PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to create multimedia eWills and save unforgettable moments for the people they love.


“A love message, a late apology, a long-kept secret, a last wish or the key to a priceless treasure.


“Whatever it may be, PassedOn is where you create and save those memories, in forms of text, picture or video and save them for the people you love.”


As people become increasingly open to the idea of discussing their wills, and what will happen after they pass away, platforms such as PassedOn will continue to thrive.


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