Cupcake ATM helps settle late-night sugar cravings

start-up-idea-cupcakeAn LA bakery called Sprinkles has installed the world’s first cupcake ATM, answering the prayers of consumers who crave a late-night sugar hit.


The pink device holds 595 cupcakes, which customers can buy with a credit card. It was installed in front of Sprinkles’ flagship store in Beverley Hills.


A touch screen display allows cupcake lovers to choose from a range of flavours including vanilla, red velvet, chocolate marshmallow and cinnamon sugar.


Customers flick the touch screen to get started, then up pops a menu of cupcakes. They make a selection, swipe their credit card and wait for their treat to appear.


“It’s the concept of making sure someone can get a freshly baked cupcake at anytime,” Sprinkles spokesperson Vineet Chaplot says.


“While the credit card is processing, you’ll see a video of the actual camera on the robotic arm going and getting the cupcake that you’ll receive.”


Anything that adds convenience to consumers’ lives is always well received, and a cupcake ATM is a fun example of this. Why not launch something similar here?


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