Dejamor looking to deliver on the romance front

weekend-valentinesCouples keen to spice up their relationships should take note of Dejamor, a subscription service delivering monthly packages to help couples keep the spark alive.


“In early 2012, we the founders bonded over the need to constantly keep our respective romantic relationships fresh,” say founders Rodrigo Fuentes and Chris Caruso.


“Staying creative with our partners was a challenging endeavour. Yet we knew it was necessary to keep that spark alive and strong.”


“We spoke with therapists, researched the books, and conducted focus groups with several men and women.”


“The conclusion was strong: Young and old, straight and gay, men and women want help enhancing their romantic and intimate life.”


“We focus our energy on this singular mission. With the help of experts, we create romantic packages to reconnect you with your partner every month.”


If you’re looking for a romance-related business idea, perhaps you can take inspiration from Dejamor and come up with your own concept for a subscription service.


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